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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sermon On the Occasion of the Supreme Court's Ruling on Gay Marriage

This pig is a horse.  Learn more about this on the sermon links below.

This sermon is presented on the occasion of the Supreme Court's imposition of gay marriage on the United States.

There are two links below.  One for the audio of the sermon and another for the handout.

Link to sermon Audio

Link to Sermon Outline

Clearing Up Law Gospel Issues, Part 2

This sermon talks about two keys to interpreting the Law of God.  Some people think they must save themselves or at least contribute to their salvation by their good works.  Sometimes this happens because people are confused by what they read in the Bible.  Hopefully this sermon will help clear up some of that confusion.

Good works do not save us except the good work of Christ when He died for our sins.   His works save not ours.

I have two links below.  One is for the audio MP3 and one is for the sermon outline.

Link for sermon MP3

Link for sermon handout

Clearing Up Law & Gospel Issues, Part 1

This is the first on a three part sermon series on clearing up Law/Gospel issues.

Part 1 discusses 3 truths about good works.  Please note that the first few minutes of the sermon explores the Cranach art work on the left.

In order to show the art to the congregation I had to move away from my recorder for the start of the sermon. You can still hear me, but turn up your volume.  The volume goes back to normal at 5 min 17 seconds.

Sermon audio link - MP3