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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bruce Jenner, Transgender, Same-Se Marriage, and the Deeper Issue

Gender identity issues have gotten a lot of play in the news media and entertainment t.v.  Bruce Jenner’s transformation has put the transgender topic on an even higher profile than usual.  The Supreme Court will also be making a ruling on same-sex marriage soon.  It will likely make same-sex weddings legal across the whole country.

There are deeper issues than just Bruce Jenner’s gender identity and the legalization of same-sex marriage itself.  It has to do with how we understand reality and God’s created order.  So, for instance, there is a conscious and concerted push to discount that humanity is male and female.  This concept is called a “binary” understanding of humanity and this is exactly what many people are seeking to overturn.   This is nothing less than an attack against rationality and God’s created design. 

They would replace humanity as male and female with the concept that gender identity is fluid.  They believe we should embrace that fluidity as something worthy of praise.  Consider the “Genderbread Person” (From: Gender Spectrum).  It identifies four factors in gender fluidity:  sex, attraction, Identity, and expression.  The Genderbread Person is meant to herald a new understanding of humanity but in reality it is the diagnosis a problem, sin, sickness, disease, and abnormality.

From the Genderbread cookie concept one can understand that a person can be a biological male (sex), feel in his mind that he is a woman (identity), express himself as masculine (expression), and be attracted to women (attraction).  Or a person can be a male, think in his mind he is a man, express himself as feminine, and be attracted to men.   Confusing?  That’s the point.  The Genderbread Person is there to destroy the concept that humanity is male and female.  They take what is an abnormality and herald it as being normal, praiseworthy, and worthy to be affirmed by law.

Indoctrination is also part of this new model of humanity.  For instance, one document gives these tips on creating a gender inclusive environment in schools:
(1) “Avoid asking kids to line up as boys and girls or separating them by gender.”
(2) “Do not use phrases such as ‘boys & girls...’Instead say things like ‘calling all readers,’ or ‘hey campers.’”
(3) “Have visual images reinforcing gender inclusion: pictures of people who don’t fit gender norms, signs that ‘strike out’ sayings like ‘All Boys…’ or ‘All girls…’”
(4)  “Point out and inquire when you hear others referencing gender in a binary manner.  Ask things like, ‘Hmmm.  That is interesting.  Can you say more about that?’  or ‘What makes you say that?  I think of it a little differently.’  Provide counter-narratives that challenge students to think more expansively about their notions of gender” (From: Gender Spectrum).

If memory serves me this document was even utilized (along with the Genderbread Person) in some Nebraska public schools.  

The exaltation of transgender and same-sex marriage issues has a deeper importance than just legalities.  It is an attack against rationality and God’s created design.  The truth of the matter is a homosexual couple may get a marriage license but it is no more a real marriage than a little child playing doctor is a real physician.  Bruce Jenner might feel like a woman.  This is a terrible burden and should call for compassion, therapy and repentance, but he will never actually be a woman just a confused man.