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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Contraception, Abortion, and the Intrusion of the Federal Government

The federal government is trampling on the free exercise of religion by mandating religious instutions supply methods of contraception and abortion in their health care plans.  The federal government, and President Obama in particular, has shown its intolerance of religious freedom.   This mandate puts religion under the thumb of the government.  

The Catholic church has offered up strong criticism of the President's plan.  Former Governor Mike Huckabee stood in solidarity with the Catholic church saying, "We are all Catholics now."  While the Governor's  words are commendable, the issue goes well beyond the Catholic church.  The Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod (LC-MS) stands against this intrusion as do other Christian and non-Christian groups.

President Obama responded to this strong criticism by offering up a farce -- the so-called "accommodation" whereby religious institutions would not have to pay for contraceptive and abortive coverage.

The "accommodation" places the cost of coverage not upon religious organizations but upon their insurance companies.  Why is this a farce?  First, the insurance companies will never pay for this.  They just pass along the cost by raising health premiums.  Second, many denominations self-insure.  While the LC-MS currently falls under a grandfather clause we strongly voice our opposition to the trampling of the 1st Amendment. 

Please check out the response of the Matthew Harrison, President of the LC-MS.

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