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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sermon, "Living on the Edge", LWML Sunday, MP3 (click here)

"Living on the Edge" is what happens when we are Christians. We can't help it. We're on the edge and we may not even know it. Because we are in Jesus Christ through Baptism we are on the edge.

The edge is the danger zone. The edge brings fear or at least feelings of unease. The edge is also the place of risk taking and tireless efforts to God's glory and the service of neighbor.

Yet, when we live on the edge we aren't leading Jesus. We are following Him. He went before us and for us. Jesus was willing to live on the edge for three important items: 1. For the honor of the Temple of God, to uphold the Word of God, and to save sinners.

Click on the sermon link above (MP3) and learn more.

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