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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bridezilla video (click here)

Church organist meets "bridezilla" -- I found this video hilarious!

There are people who want to use the church building as the stage for their wedding rather than receive the ministry of the church via the religious ceremony.

A wedding couple may want the service to conform to their expectations and fantasies. This is a problem. The wedding ceremony is not owned by the wedding couple. It is a service the church offers in accord with its rite and under the Word of God.

Weddings ceremonies are holy affairs where the church is doing her holy work for a couple. The service is to honor God. In the ceremony the couple calls upon Him for blessing, is instructed in the Word of the Lord, and makes a lifelong commitment to each other before Him.

Bridezilla does not have the mindset to receive from God through the church's ministry. She is not God-centered but focused on self. This is a poor way to begin a married life together. How blessed a couple is, however, when they approach the altar with hearts filled with love, faith, and humility.

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