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Monday, August 8, 2011

Sermon (click here): Grace, It's Not Just for Babies! (This is the whole sermon)

My daughter, Katerina, wanted me to name this sermon, "It's not Your Mama's Breast Milk." She is an imaginative child. The point of the sermon is the tendency among Protestants to see the grace of God in Christ as milk for the immature. Have you ever noticed how many Protestants reserve the preaching of grace for the lost? In some churches Christ as Savior is preached for an altar call, but otherwise grace is missing in the sermon.

My son, Jonathan, has noticed that in some sermons there is neither a true preaching of Law nor Gospel. He calls these, "Christian life style wellness sermons."

I appreciate the insights that I received from Jonathan Fisk. He has an off-beat podcast called "worldview everlasting." Check it out on You Tube or go to

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