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Monday, August 16, 2010

Jonathan Off to College of the Ozarks!

The 13 August was a sweet & sour time for my wife (Cheryl) and myself. We brought our eldest son (Jonathan) to college just south of Branson Missouri. He is going to College of the Ozarks which is a conservative Christian school with a good standing academically. (The pic is Jonathan at his dorm room. The other pic is me and my daughter Katy. She is seeing Jonathan off. It looks like Katy isn't a morning person!)

The school doesn’t charge any tuition. Rather, each student has to work 15 hours a week on campus whether that be at their lodge, the museum, farm, bakery, etc. The college doesn’t merely stress academics but also a strong work ethic, character development, and patriotism.

At the end of our time on campus, Cheryl and I dropped Jonathan off for an orientation meeting. As we drove away I looked out the rear window and had quite a reaction. That wasn’t my little boy who at four was sitting in our kitchen holding a Bible and pretending to preach. He was a man and was going out on his own. The feeling was odd because it didn’t seem like a moment in time but a whole new epoch for me.

For our daughter Kayla, it was a different experience. She wasn't so much losing a brother but gaining a bedroom! Cheryl and Kayla are busy redecorating as I write.

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