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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Part II - Icon of the Nativity

We continue meditation on the Nativity Icon for the 12 days of Christmas:

Mary lies close to Jesus on a red cushion. In faith filled humility she accepted the task of being the Virgin Mother. When she accepts the honor she also accepts the hardships. Mary lies asleep, covered, cold, and weary, and yet more pain will come upon her. A sword will pierce her own soul. Bitterly she will weep for her Son when He is bruised, battered, and bleeding upon the cross for the life of the world. (Luke 2:35).

Joseph sits on the bottom right of the icon. His back is turned toward Mary. Joseph is faced with a dilemma. When Mary first tells him about the miraculous pregnancy, he does not believe her. But Joseph is a kind and righteous man. He does not want to disgrace her, so he plans to end the engagement quietly.

It isn’t until the angel comes to Joseph that he understands what is going on. Mary’s baby came about by the power of the Holy Spirit. Her child will be named Jesus. And His name describes His work – He is Salvation in person.

Let us Pray:
Heavenly Father, as Mary received the high honor of being the Mother of God, so we praise You for You have chosen to dwell in us through faith in Christ. You do this without any merit or worthiness on our part. With this honor, give us the strength you gave to Mary that we might bear under the hardships we face for Your name and to Your glory.
P: Lord, in Your mercy;
C: Hear our prayer.

Dear Lord, Joseph struggled when he doubted Mary. Yet, he believed when the heavenly angel spoke Your Word. So too, may we, like Joseph, believe, heed, and follow Your Word. Amen. (Posts are adapted from Rejesus web site).

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